General Information

School is reported to be the best years of our life. We do not always appreciate this when we are young. Glemsford School aims to provide children with the environment and education to prepare them for their lives to come. This is not always the academic aspect of life but also the moral and social needs. Children need a stable environment to help them achieve in all areas of the curriculum especially Literacy and Numeracy.

From The Head Teacher

During the term before a child enters the nursery, parents are invited to spend an evening with the Headteacher, Senior Managers and staff in the Early Years Unit. This is a get together where we can explain what happens in our Early Years Unit. Parents of children due in the Reception class are also invited. Any questions may be answered at this meeting.

The Headteacher is always available to see parents who wish to visit the school. It is advisable to ring the Head’s Personal Assistant if an appointment is required.

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time if they have an urgent problem, when they will be seen by the Head, Senior Manager or a senior member of staff. If the matter is not so urgent a telephone call or note requesting an appointment will be appreciated. Parents are encouraged to discuss all aspects of their children’s education with the class teacher at all times. More formal arrangements are made twice a year when Parents Evenings are organised. A school report containing all the relevant information required by the D.F.E.S. is sent out two weeks prior to the Summer consultations. We wish to extend our thanks to Discovery, a London based health and fitness organization who recently donated the £10,000 used to build our new swimming pool.